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Sri Ram Travels: List of the services we offer

Are you looking to travel around India for your vacation? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here at Sri Ram travels, we will take you to the best destinations in India that highlight the diversity of our nation. Take your first step towards your adventure in India and check out the services we offer below! 

Booking and managing your trip 

Have a hard time booking and managing your own trip? Allow us to give you a hand and create the best travel plans for you right here at Sri Ram Travels. Simply visit our website or our offices to book your trip and we will manage your vacation plan according to your desire. 

Ticket booking options 

Here at Sri Ram Travels, we believe that travelling shouldn’t feel hard for anyone. That’s why we decided to provide our customer’s multiple ways to book tickets to our trips easily. One of the easiest ways to book a trip with us is to visit our office and talk to any of our staff. We will guide you to our travel planners and they will interview you about what you want for your vacation. 

If you couldn’t make it to our office, you can also book our services through your mobile device by visiting our website or downloading our application. There, you can easily book your vacation by checking in on the available dates and locations. 

Manage your booking 

Do you need to modify your vacation plan? It’s easy to customize and edit your booking with Sri Ram Travels. You only need to visit our website and review your booking. There you would find the option to cancel or reschedule your tour. If you decided to cancel at least 30 days before your departure date, you wouldn’t be charged any cancellation fee. 

However, if you go beyond the 30-day limit, we will charge you additional fees despite no longer going on the trip. This usually goes from 20% of your supposed total up to 100% if you decide to cancel at the last minute. 

You will receive a voucher after your cancellation so you could have a discount the next time you are ready to book with us again. This voucher would be valid for 12 months after your cancellation so make sure to book with us again and take advantage of your discount! 

If you only wish to change a few details in your bookings like the time and destination you want for your trip along with your name, number and additional baggage information, you can access our page or simply visit our office to negotiate with our staff about rescheduling your trip. 

The only major change you need to take care of is the change in your time and destination as well as the additional luggage you want to include in your tour. You can easily change the details on our website and we will send you an email confirming the change you made. Your previous application will then be cancelled and a receipt for the additional charges would be sent to you. Pay the necessary amount within 3 days so we can finalize your changes and confirm your trip. 

Our trip packages 

Looking for the cheapest ways to travel? Take a look at our list of packages and find the best combinations for your vacation and tours. Here are the packages we prepared just for you: 

Local student tour 

Field trips are one of the most fun experiences for every student. This is a trip where they can explore outside of the classroom and discover new things while learning on the go. It is the perfect opportunity for students to see the world rather than just hear about it from their mentors. 

For this reason, we want to make every field trip as memorable as possible by taking you to the best destinations for educational purposes. Below is a list of the common places we visit during our trip. 

  • Factories – Factories are a good destination for students to develop an appreciation for the workers as well as the everyday things that they enjoy. For this trip, we will schedule a visit to the local factories around the area to tour the students on what goes on behind the scenes of every operation. 
  • Government – For this trip, we will take the students on a trip around the government offices to show them the everyday life of the people who control the country and give them an idea about the order in the government. 
  • Companies – This trip is to show the students the different jobs that they can have in multiple companies and help them find a job that they can be passionate about. 
  • Museums – Museum trips are perfect to help the students to develop an appreciation for the history and culture of India. 
  • Amusement park – Amusement park trips are the perfect ending to every field trip. This is where the students can just enjoy their day and build connections with their classmates. 

International student tours 

If you want to go beyond the borders of India and explore the beauty of other countries, you can book our international student tours where we will take you on a trip around the historical places in countries like the Philippines, Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and more. 

During this trip, the students would be encouraged to develop a sense of appreciation and love for the culture of the countries that they visit. This trip can go from 3 days long up to two weeks depending on the budget that the school has.

Inbound group tours 

To book this service, we recommend visiting us directly to our office so you can tell us the details about your trip including the time you want to schedule as well as where you want to go. 

Tourist buses 

If you are interested in touring around India with other travellers, you can book our tourist bus service where you can enjoy a guided tour around the most popular spots around the country. Before you can book, make sure to fill out our itinerary form with the information below: 

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company
  • Pickup location
  • destination/itinerary
  • Number of buses
  • Pickup time
  • Return time
  • Date of rental 

Our boarding stations 

Our boarding stations are located near our offices. This is where the start of your journey would begin so make sure that you arrive on time at your assigned station before the trip starts so you wouldn’t get left behind by your bus. Take a look at the location of our stations below: 

  • Salem bypass 
  • Sattur bypass
  • Madurai
  • Thuckalay
  • Salem 
  • Coimbatore 
  • Valliyur
  • Bhavani
  • Tiruppur
  • Kavalkinaru
  • Palladam
  • Erode
  • Nagercoil
  • Avinashi
  • Marthandam
  • Sankagiri
  • Perundurai
  • Tirunelveli
  • Dharapuram
  • Kovilpatti
  • Kulasekara

Why are we the best option for you? 

Now that you’ve seen what we can offer, it is only natural to ask why would we be the best option for you in your vacation plan. Allow us to show you the advantages of acquiring our services below: 


We value your safety above everything else which is why we make sure that you would have a safe adventure with us. Our company is known for having one of the highest safety ratings possible in the department of transportation in India. We pride ourselves on the quality of our tours and bus service needs. Here at our company, you can rest assured that you would travel with a sense of ease and comfort! 


Here at Sri Ram Travels, we take pride in the state of the art motorcoaches that we have, which are perfectly suited to provide you with maximum comfort while you are on a long journey to your destination. Not only do we have the best buses suited for your comfort, but we also have our staff that would work on the clock to ensure that your trip would be perfect. It’s time to let go of all your worries, sit back and just relax as we drive you around the best tourist spots in India. 


Our company values the trust that you have given us as our customers. For this reason, we will ensure that you will experience your best vacation with us. We uphold our values by providing you with the highest quality service that we can offer along with our incomparable coaches and exceptional drivers. Here at Sri Ram Travels, we would always go the extra mile to ensure that you would receive the best experience you could ever have in India!

Tour with us today! 

Discover what makes India the pride of Southern Asia and book your trip with us today. Allow us to show you around the best locations in the country and give you the most unforgettable experience. What are you waiting for? Book now and see India in a new light!