Things you should bring in your bus trip

Sri Ram Travels: Things you should bring in your bus trip 

Charter bus trips with us right here at Sri Ram Travels is one of the most exciting experiences you could have when you are exploring India. It’s a fun way to go around multiple locations without thinking too much or planning. However, if you truly want to get the most out of your bus tour, you should consider bringing with you some necessary tools that would ensure your safety and comfort during the ride. Take a look at the list we made for you and make sure that you bring all of the things listed before your trip! 

Electronic devices and entertainment gadgets 

Long drives can be quite boring so you need to get yourself entertained with your gadget. If you love listening to music then make sure that you bring your headphones with you so you can jam to your tunes without disturbing the other guests. You can even read on your tablet during the ride. Most importantly, you can use your mobile devices to contact us in case you get lost or left behind by the crew. 

Powerbank or batteries

Nothing is worse than finding out that you have a low battery in the middle of your trip. To avoid situations like this, make sure that you bring your powerbank with you so you can enjoy endless use of your device without worrying about your battery life. 

Light blanket or layers 

Bus tours can often take hours so it would be better to keep yourself comfortable during the ride by bringing your blanket to bundle up while the trip takes place. If you are uncomfortable with blankets, you can bring a jacket with you to keep you from getting cold while on the bus. 

Travel accessories for sleeping 

If you are a light sleeper who wants to take advantage of the long ride by sleeping, you should bring your travel accessories to avoid getting bothered by the noise and light on the bus. We recommend bringing an earplug, eye mask and neck pillow to support your head as you rest. 

Snacks and drinks 

Although our bus trip includes meals, we still recommend that you purchase your own snacks so you have something to munch on during your trip. After all, a tour is more fun if you are eating. 


If you have a condition or if you easily get sick, you should prepare your medicines ahead of time. We recommend bringing ibuprofen and antacid tablets with you to ease your headaches or upset stomach during the ride. 

Comfortable clothes

Make sure that the clothes you are wearing are comfortable since each trip would take a few hours on the road. If you want to wear something fashionable, make sure to bring an extra pair that you feel comfortable in. 

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